Monday, 22 October 2012

Organising chaos - A Blog Recap

This blog has been running for just over three months now, so apropos of nothing I thought I'd put up a recap of some of the key posts.

I tend to write posts in a series, but this tends to get lost in the chronology of the blog archive. So I thought readers might find a quick recap quite useful.

Anyhow here are the key issues I've written about so far. Lot's more to come!

Bloomberg & Cloud Computing

I'd wanted to talk about Bloomberg for some time. A lot of the analysis here I haven't seen elsewhere - partly because of their extreme secrecy but partly because no-one was thinking about them as a cloud computing company. Of course as part of this I needed to set out what a cloud computing company was - hence a mini-series on cloud before getting down and dirty with Bloomberg.

Apple, iPhones, iOS6 and Maps

Of course no self-respecting tech blog can ignore the big AAPL. What I've tried to do is put its business into the context of a wider war between competing platforms, rather than about what shiny boondoggle they will come up with next. In particular I've written extensively on Maps as I've got a fair bit of background in that area.


Facebook was an obvious topic to write on - not only because its at a make-or-break point in its evolution, but because as a relatively new public company surprisingly little analysis had been done about it. I'm looking forward muchly to picking apart their results tomorrow!

Connected TV & Appliances

The evolution from Appliance to Compute Device is one of the most powerful, but least-talked about, disruptions you see in consumer land. Most importantly the biggest appliance => compute device shift is about to take place in your very own living room. All hail the connected TV!

Technology business models

While its fun talking about shiny boondoggles, what fascinates me as an analyst is how you connect the boondoggle to the cashflow - i.e. the business models which tech companies use to monitise their products. In terms of growth, capital intensity and rapid change I think these are absolutely extraordinary. And it also presents lots of opportunties for investors to make money..

Nothing in particular

Sometimes something interesting catches my eye. Normally I try to make it vaguely tech or business related. Sometimes I don't succeed. 


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